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Millions of Americans live with dementia and are losing their memories, thinking, and reasoning skills. The board-certified neurologists at Integrated Neurology Services diagnose and treat dementia at their clinics located across Northern Virginia in Alexandria, Falls Church, and Lorton, also serving the Vienna, VA, community. If you’re concerned about dementia, call Integrated Neurology Services or schedule a consultation online today.

Dementia Q & A

What is dementia?

Dementia is the collective term for diseases and conditions that reduce your memory, language, reasoning skills, and other cognitive abilities. It also interferes with your emotions, moods, and behavior. While mild memory loss is a typical sign of aging, dementia is severe enough to interfere with your ability to live independently. 

Alzheimer’s disease is the most prevalent type of dementia. Vascular health problems, thyroid disease, and vitamin deficiencies can also cause dementia symptoms. 

What are the signs of dementia?

Dementia is due to brain cell damage. Your symptoms depend on the affected region of your brain. Dementia causes several disruptive symptoms, including:

  • Forgetfulness
  • Problems learning new things
  • Difficulty with producing or understanding language
  • Lost ability to complete complicated tasks
  • Inability to understand social cues

For example, you might lose track of your purse or wallet or forget whether or not you’ve paid a bill. Dementia can also interfere with your ability to cook for yourself or remember appointments. 

Dementia symptoms usually develop gradually and worsen over time. Getting a diagnosis as early as possible is critical to starting the treatment you need to help you maintain your health and independence. 

How is dementia diagnosed?

The team at Integrated Neurology Services provides comprehensive exams to diagnose dementia. They begin by reviewing your medical history and performing a physical exam. Your doctor might order blood work to check for other medical conditions that can affect your cognitive function. 

The doctors also use neurological tests and cognitive and neuropsychological tests. They check your memory, problem-solving skills, language skills, and overall mental functioning. When necessary, they use brain scans to look for signs of stroke or tumors that can cause dementia. 

How is dementia treated?

The team at Integrated Neurology Services offers personalized treatment plans for dementia. While there isn’t a cure, they can prescribe medication and therapy to relieve your symptoms. You might also find that non-drug therapies like vitamin supplements can reduce some of your symptoms.  

The team at Integrated Neurology Services also participates in clinical trials. Ask your doctor if you might be a good candidate to join a trial.

Call Integrated Neurology Services or make an appointment online today for expert diagnostics and treatments to manage dementia. 


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