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Before new medications and treatments are made available to the public, they must first undergo extensive testing. Clinical research includes scientific studies aimed at finding better ways to treat disease and illness using carefully selected volunteer participants. Dedicated to providing the most innovative and advanced treatments available, the team of specialists at Integrated Neurology Services in four Northern Virginia locations in Alexandria, Falls Church, Lorton, and serving the Vienna, VA community, participate in clinical research and regularly recruit participants. To learn more about the clinical research studies available, call the office or request an appointment through the online booking tool.

Clinical Research Q & A

What is clinical research?

Clinical research refers to medical research and studies that include people. There are two types of clinical research:

Observational studies 

Observational studies focus on gathering information by observing you in your normal setting. These studies collect information through health records, questionnaires, or specific tests. The information may then be used to start a new clinical trial.

Clinical trials

Clinical trials include the testing of various medical, surgical, or behavioral interventions on people. Clinical trials are responsible for evaluating the effectiveness and safety of a new treatment. They also help identify new techniques for diagnosing diseases, as well as research ways to make life better for people living with a chronic disease. 

What are the phases of a clinical trial?

Before any clinical trials begin, researchers must first conduct lab and animal testing of the drug, procedure, or intervention to test the effectiveness, as well as safety. The FDA determines if the researchers can advance their research to human clinical trials based on the results of the lab testing. 

Clinical trials go through four phases to test safety, effectiveness, side effects, and dosage (for medication clinical trials). If researchers find a treatment safe and effective at phase III of the clinical trials, the FDA approves the treatment. Phase IV clinical trials are conducted after approval and focus on continued monitoring of the treatment for safety and effectiveness. 

How can I participate in clinical research?

Integrated Neurology Services participates in several clinical research studies. Each study has specific criteria that determines your eligibility for participation. Some of the clinical research studies being conducted at Integrated Neurology Services include:

AbbVie M18-918 & M14-397

AbbVie M18-918 & M14-397 is a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, multiple-dose study to assess the safety and efficacy of elezanumab when added for standard of care in relapsing and progressive forms of multiple sclerosis.

Novartis - EXCHANGE

The Novartis - EXCHANGE is exploring the safety and tolerability of conversion from oral or injectable disease modifying therapies to dose titrated oral siponimod in patients with advancing forms of relapsing multiple sclerosis.


MASTER 2 and CLICK - MS are observational studies for people with relapsing multiple sclerosis who are switching to Mavenclad®. 

Lundbeck - RESTORE

Lundbeck - RESTORE is a clinical study of patients with symptomatic neurogenic orthostatic hypotension to assess the effects of droxidopa therapy. 

To learn more about clinical research at Integrated Neurology Services, contact the office by phone or online today. 

The TRAILBLAZER-ALZ 2 Clinical Research Study is evaluating whether an investigational drug works and how safe it is in people with early symptomatic Alzheimer’s disease.


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